3 Chips and Dips Recipes COMPARED | QUICK vs GLUTEN FREE vs SWEET

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We are Sorted, a
group of mates from London exploring the newest and
best in the world of food whilst trying to have a
few laughs along the way. We’ve got chefs, we’ve
got normals (beeps), and a whole world of
stuff for you to explore, but everything we do starts with you. – Hello, I’m Jamie and this is Barry. – This week, chips and dips three ways. – Hello everyone, my mate Ebbers, here, loves chips with dips. – Pardon? – And we have three of
them in front of us today. We have a really quick simple one, we have a gluten-free option, and wait for it, a sweet option too. We’re gonna show you
how to make all three, we’re gonna compare them at the end. But first, you wanna kick us off J? – Yes, yes I do. – If you’re gonna have chips and dips you’ve got two options. You can go to the shops,
you can buy some chips, you can buy some dips. But you’re watching this
video on a cooking channel, which means you wanna go
down the other option, which is to make your own
chips and make your own dips. And if you’re gonna make your
own chips and your own dips, why not make life as simple as possible? That’s what we’re doing today. For my baked tortilla
chips, I’m gonna be using tortilla wraps, onion
powder, garlic powder, oil, salt and pepper. And for my pimento cheese
dip, I’m gonna be using cheddar cheese, pimento
peppers, cream cheese, Greek yogurt, and a
take on salt and pepper, it’s celery salt and cayenne pepper. And obvs, I’m going to be
joined in the kitchen today, by my friend over here. Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna mix the oil,
salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder, into a bowl, cut my
tortilla wraps into eighths, squinch ’em around the bowl, lay ’em out onto baking tray, and pop ’em into an oven for
about 5 to 10 minutes, until they go nice
golden brown and crispy. Don’t let ’em go too far, cause they will crisp
up as they cool down. Once they crisp up in the oven,
we can go on with our dip. Now, how simple is this? Put all of these into here, whiz ’em up. Spoon the dip into a bowl. Find the most pretentious
bowl that you can find to serve your chips on, and you’ve done it. Oooooh, hooo, hooo, hooo, hooo! – I haven’t had the
pimento dip since Virginia. – Okay, I like that but, what if you wanted a
lentil slow carb version, which wasn’t made of tortillas? – Said nobody ever. – Gluten-free. – If you are more of a slow carby kind of guy or gal like me, then we can sub out our white tortillas for some homemade lentil tortillas, and it’s also gluten free. Here’s what we’re gonna use. Red lentils, water, olive
oil, parsley, fennel, and salt. Broad beans, tahini, feta, creme fraiche, lemon, mint parsley, olive oil, and some sesame seeds
that have been toasted. And obviously I’m the star of the show, but he’s the most important act. Something that I did last night and it definitely wasn’t Ben, was take these dried red lentils and rinse them under a tap, then put them in a
specific amount of water in a bowl and leave them overnight. If you wanna make these yourselves, you wanna know that that
exact amount of water so can get the whole recipe down below. Now the reason there needs to be exact is because it’s then
going into a liquidizer, along with parsley, fennel,
salt, and olive oil, and it’s gonna be liquidized. Lovely. I’ve got a really good
non-stick pan on the heat, pre-heating, and now, I’m gonna pour in my batter, spread it about, cook it, two minutes either side. Repeat. Once I’ve got three or four done, I’m then gonna cut ’em in half, half again, half again. I’m gonna basically turn
a circle into eights, and I’m gonna do that three times. And then they go into the
oven at 190 degrees celsius to crisp up. (whispers) For how long? – [Ben] (whispers) 20 to 25 minutes. – For about 20 to 25 minutes. Let’s make a dip. Now, broad beans, absolutely phenomenal when they’re in season. Gonna need about 45 minutes
to de-shell them all. Good job, I did that last night. Definitely wasn’t Ben. Ooh, don’t do it like that. Broad beans go into my food processor, break some feta up in, tahini, oh, lovely. Mint, and the rest of my parsley. And that’s all getting blended
up in my food processor, and while it’s blends,
I’m gonna squeeze in some juices of lemons. The juice of a lemon. And look at that. Dip, bowl, sesame seeds,
olive oil, chips, plate, food, mouth, others, gutted, Mike wins. Uh-huh, – All the shades of green.
– Uh-huh. Uh-huh, uh-huh. – Now about we wind back the clocks to one of our favorite recipes
from a couple of years ago. Our own pop-up, sweet chips and dips. – And this is annoying because
I know how good it tastes. – Mm-hmm. – Okay, we’ve had wheat tortilla chips, we’ve had lentil tortilla chips. My version is corn tortilla chips, and I’m also making a
Mexican caramel sauce called Cajeta. And it needs bicarbonate
of soda, goat’s milk, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. Then I’m gonna fry off the corn tortillas and toss it in cinnamon sugar. To make the cinnamon sugar, I’ll need this. This takes about an hour or so, but it’s really easy. Bicarbonate of soda,
place it into a small bowl and top it off with a little bit of milk. Now we’re using goat’s milk
because that is traditional for the Mexican caramel. You can also use whole dairy milk. The rest of the milk gets heated in a pan, with sugar, a cinnamon stick, and a dollop of vanilla extract. Once the sweetened milk
is just about simmering, add in the bicarb you dissolved
in that little bit of milk. It might foam up a little
bit, not a problem. Take it off the heat. Just let it cool, let it bubble away. Then back on the heat and a
gentle simmer for about an hour. And after about an hour or so, it goes this wonderful caramel color. Be bold, you want it quite dark. Then take it off, scoop
out the cinnamon stick, and leave it to cool. Making you own spice
sugar is really simple. Just in a multi-milll, blitz up sugar. And in this case, we’re just
going with cinnamon stick, but you could add star anise, cloves, anything you like to
make your own spice mix. Nothing new here. Cut bought tortillas into eights. Heat a pan of vegetable oil because instead of pan
frying and then baking, or in Jamie’s case, simply baking, we’re gonna fry our corn tortillas. You want 180 degrees celsius, and then lowering your
corn tortilla wedges, one at a time, and
don’t overcrowd the pan. Once they’re golden brown, just scoop them out, drain
them on kitchen paper, and then while they’re still warm, toss them in that gorgeous
cinnamon sugar powder. And that’s why you use the multi-mill, it gets it super fine. Ahhhhh, very different, see. – Mmmmmmmmm. – But, before we dig in, can we just point out, that
is the best looking dip on the table. – If you’re talking about
glow in the dark, yes. – I don’t like cheese – Why are you even here then? – Because Barry’s not
available (all laugh). – Right, grab a chip.
– Do it. – We know I’m handing you a chip. – Cheers! – Why do we swap there? – Grab a chip. – Oh that is a hefty dip. – Well. We’re gonna double cheers. Now that we’ve got this – Cheers, cheers. – Cheers Aw, he’s gonna d-dip.
– This kind of dip. – Bottled it. – Cheers, cheers. – Cheers. – Oh yeah! – That is punchalicous cheese. (laughing) – You’re not big on cheese are you? – No, I will remove myself from this one. – That is strong cheddar. – Oh I tell you, what, you’ve
got a lovely lovely rounded sort of peppery kick
at the end, don’t you? – The pimento comes through. The cayenne comes through. But also, the little tang of the yogurt and the cream cheese. – That tastes so much nicer
after you’ve swallowed it. Can I just say, the seasoning
on your tortilla chips, is outstanding. – Oh, thank you very much. – It is outstanding. – But that is so much
better than store bought. – But imagine if you were gluten-free? Because I would make you these. You like slow carbing. – I do? – Don’t you? These are made of pure
lentils, these chips. – Cheers! – Genius. Or a way to describe taste,
but that tastes vibrant. – It looks vibrant as well,
but I know you’re color blind. It’s the lemon and the mint, but also the saltiness and
the creaminess and the feta. Really good, and then the
body comes from broad beans, and I know it’s a bit of a hassle to pop all those broad beans. I know, cause I did them. – It was a big hassle for me
to pop all those broad beans, I tell ya–
– But you could easily make that with peas. Think of summer picnic, summer barbecue, garden party, whatever you’re throwing, have a couple of those
dotted around on the tables, and then people can chop and change. – Yeah but Ben, I’ve had
my savory, very cheesy. I’ve had my gluten-free slow carb option. I need some dessert. – Ta-da! – Oh! That, there? – Mm-hmm. – Is the tip of a dip on a chip. – Cheers! – Cheers! – Triangles up. – That is the ideal way
to confuse people as well. – Why? – Cause no one’s gonna guess what that is if you put that on the table. – This is naughty, not just fried chips, but caramel as well.
– It’s good. – Cards on table time. – Ebbers, what’re your thoughts? – The baked chips for me take it. As delicious as these are, just
because they’re simplistic. You don’t… I’ve don’t that before,
you don’t even need to cut them into wedges. Bake ’em whole and just
snap ’em into shards. However, – You’re gutted that you
only just found that out. – Yeah. – However, this is always a surprise and always gets a “wow.” And I know there’s a bunch of people that side of the wall, – Waiting
– waiting to come and finish them.
– That is very true, J? Thoughts? – If you just buy chips and dips, you’re gonna eat them without
even thinking about it. You get to the bottom
of the bag and you go, “How did I do that?” I don’t think you’d do
that with any of these because I think there
was a flavor explosion. This is probably the one I’m going to make on a regular basis. – This absolutely serves a purpose and deliciously so, and so, anyone who is either gluten-free, or looking for a lower carb option, and still wants to enjoy chips and dips, they are not going to
be disappointed by that. In fact, they’re gonna be over the moon and doing back flips
because they can still have chips and dips. I would have to say, when
I think chips and dips, I think that. – Yep. – But I don’t even think that. That, that is more than I can think, and therefore, I think
that is outstanding, and that anyone looking for, or who’s clicked on this video, for chips and dips, that’s it. – I would make both those
dips at the same time. I probably have those chips. – Permanent sandwich with
sour cream (Ben laughs). – Now you are on. – They’re all super simple though, so you can give ’em a go at home. All the recipes are down below, and then you can tell us which is your favorite, or which one would you most like to dip? – Thank you for watching. If you liked it, give it a like, and make sure you
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– Do it! – As we’ve mentioned,
we don’t just make top quality YouTube videos. – LOL! – We fill the Sorted
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learned to create stuff that’s hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers. Check it out if you’re interested. Thank you for watching, and
we’ll see you in a few days. (Beep sounds) – Rolls off it. – You’re very disgusting,
– Mmmmm. – You’ve gotta just stick your tongue in the bowl. – Hi! – Hi! – Ahhhhh!

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