#158. Breakfast with Donald – 29th September 2019

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I’ve not really got laryngitis
and let’s hope I never get it
Good morning
It’s Sunday the 29th of September 2019
I couldn’t remember for a moment
Muesli, seed mix and yoghurt
with a little touch of honey
I’ve not got much left ‘cos it’s half-time at the rugby again
I did have two apples
but really…
and this is so tasty it’s just, I couldn’t wait, I’m like a child
Anyway, bon appetit
That’s super tasty
No wonder, with that full fat
I was reading a paper yesterday
I get a newsletter every day on healthy eating
and there was a study, there’s a paper out
and it suggests that…
saturated fats and the bad cholesterol that’s in saturated fat
may not be as harmful in dairy
as it is in saturated fats from the likes of beef and red meats
you know, lard and tallow and whatever it’s called
It may be counteracted by the good cholesterols in saturated fat
it may not be as unhealthy as previously thought
I still, if I’m gonna eat that again
I’m gonna have to lower the portions
or lower the portions of the seeds
because that’s over 500 calories
for that breakfast
that’s…it’s a bit high
Considering, like if I have two weetabix with semi-skimmed milk
that’s only 210 calories and if I have prunes with that or fruit or whatever
you’re only adding another 50 calories
so, fewer than 300 calories for that kind of breakfast
as opposed to over 500 for that
that’s a big difference
And I’m trying to
eat below my, the basal metabolic rate, which I think is 1850 calories a day
I mean, that’s not set in stone, it’s just…
but I try to, try to keep it under that
and days where I didn’t exercise, like yesterday
I didn’t go out yesterday
partly because there was so much rugby on
I was recovering from that walk, I might have overdone it the day before, my hips and my knee…very painful
so, this morning I’ll just go for a short walk
well, a shorter walk than I did the other day
still a fairly decent walk
don’t know what the weather’s like but
just dress appropriately
Thanks for watching
I’ll see you tomorrow hopefully
Ta ta for now

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