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Hey there.
Lacey here, the Sweet Pea Chef.
Welcome back.
I am feeling like a hearty breakfast today,
and that means hash browns are a must.
I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand
when I have a big breakfast, and I have hash
browns, and then I feel gross, because it’s
greasy and high in carbs, and you just feel
like heavy and blah all day.
So I found the perfect solution with cauliflower
hash browns, because they are lower in carbs,
and they are full of a bunch of goodness,
and it only takes seven ingredients to make.
So it’s pretty awesome.
Let’s get started.
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So first things first, we need to turn our
cauliflower into cauliflower rice.
And my favorite way to do that is using a
kitchen grater.
So we’re gonna need to wash our cauliflower
We’re going to rinse it in some running water.
And then, if you need to, go ahead and remove
any of the green leaves underneath the cauliflower
by just running a knife around the edges.
You could also peel it off with your hands
if you are uncomfortable using a knife that
Then, we’re just going to grate the cauliflower
as much as you can against our kitchen grater.
Make sure you hold that kitchen grater steady
and you watch your knuckles when it gets closer
to the edges, because it can move on you a
little quickly.
Instead of a kitchen grater, you could also
use a food processor to do this.
You would just break off the florets and toss
them on in, or you could even buy pre-frozen
cauliflower rice from the store.
That is a super tiny thing that people can
do now, which is awesome.
And it saves you this extra time.
But if you do that, make sure you thaw it
ahead of time and you squeeze out any extra
moisture from it, because those tend to get
pretty moist when you let them defrost.
So whatever way you use to get our cauliflower
rice, once you have it, add it to a large
mixing bowl followed by an egg, some finely
minced onion, sea salt, black pepper and garlic
powder, and then stir to combine.
And yes, you could use a flax egg if you would
rather have it remain vegan instead of our
regular egg.
Now, I am not trying to say that potatoes
are the enemy here.
In fact, if we made this exact same recipe
with some shredded potatoes instead of cauliflower,
it would still be a really healthy option.
The problem with most hash browns is that
they’re deep fried and loaded with salt, but
also cauliflower is healthier in general than
a potato.
For example, it is lower in carbs, lower in
calories, higher in fiber, higher in antioxidants,
and higher in mineral and vitamins compared
to a potato.
So it’s a pretty awesome ingredient.
Now we’re going to heat about a teaspoon of
olive oil over medium high heat on a skillet
or a griddle.
Then we’re going to grab about a quarter cup
of our cauliflower hash brown mixture and
we’re going to put it onto the hot oil.
And we’re going to press it down into basically
a circle.
You’re looking for it to be about three inches
in diameter, and you might need to use your
spatula a little bit to kind of push it back
It’s not going to hold together unless you
make it hold together.
We’re gonna cook this for about two to three
minutes until the edges of the hash browns
starts to look a little bit of golden brown,
it starts to steam a little bit, and when
you give it a gentle nudge, it kind of allows
you to move the whole thing rather than just
a piece of it.
Be patient with this step, because if you
flip it too soon, it’s gonna be scrambled
hash browns.
So we want to keep it all together.
So we want to make sure you get that really
nice crust underneath.
Then once you see those signs, flip it on
over very carefully and swiftly, and I’m going
to cook this side for another two to three
We want the edges and all that part to get
nice and golden brown again.
And this is also gonna help to fully cook
that cauliflower and onion in there.
So you want to make sure you wait those two
to three minutes, then repeat with the remaining
This recipe will yield about six three-inch
cauliflower hash browns.
But you can change up the size and make more
or less.
Or you can double the recipe if you wanted
even more.
Or if you wanted to cook it all in one giant
hash brown in a skillet and then flip it on
over, you could do that.
Or if you want to just mix it all together
and cook it in a skillet and not care about
it being a circle shape at all.
It is all your choice, whatever you prefer.
So what do you serve cauliflower hash browns
Very good question.
I like to have them with some fried eggs or
an omelet, or for a tasty brunch some baked
salmon with these babies is really, really
Or have them by themselves with a little bit
of sliced green onions on top.
It’s tasty no matter what.
You can totally store these hash browns in
the fridge up to four to five days.
Just make sure you’re using an airtight container
and then you just heat it on through again,
either in the microwave when you want to have
it again, for about one to two minutes, or
you can always reheat it on a skillet.
And then you have this delicious cauliflower
hash brown just ready to eat as a tasty, savory
side for breakfast or, hey, even dinner, that
is good.
Thanks so much for watching.
And make sure to check out my cauliflower
recipes playlist for all sorts of tasty cauliflower
And I have a cauliflower tortillas recipe
in there, which is another really great low
carb alternative using cauliflower.
It’s super awesome.
Thanks so much for hanging out with me today.
I will see you next time.


  1. Here's a great low-carb hash brown alternative using magical cauliflower! What's your fave way to enjoy hash browns??

  2. Great recipe! Try using a circle form that are used eggs, this works very well. I freeze mine then take out the night before and let it thaw for the morning meal.

  3. Yum looks delicious i am making this soon this is perfect for my office lunches drooling over my samsung galaxy j4 love your recipes making me hungry Thanks Ramya

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