10 Effective Steps to LOSE WEIGHT Based on SHARON CUNETA’s Tips

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So the whole point of it is you won’t lose weight or you cannot maintain it unless
you really control your eating
And once I accepted that it’s really a lifestyle change
Hey there today
We are going to feature a ten step guide to losing weight based on a compilation of tips from no less than miss sharon cuneta
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When someone asks, “How did you get slimmer?” Do you remember how you gained weight? “Yes.” Do the opposite.
So now, whatever I want to eat, I’ll eat a little, but taste only
no carbs
On Instagram Sharon gave this step to one of her followers
She said in the beginning if you’re serious cut out all carbs rice bread pasta potatoes
pancit. Just have regular viands, but only eat a very small amount
Number 4 chew slowly
Number five keep it up
She kept telling herself
Sharon just six months out of your life and the rest of your years will be happier than now
It’s been two years, and she still keeps telling herself that she has 20 to lose
She said I have dropped around 75
I keep saying I have 20 to lose after I lose the 20
I will probably still be saying I have to lose 20
If you skip meals, the more your metabolism will slow down. So I have little meals all throughout the day
only very small amount, not all meals, as long as you eat something, so it’s just continuously burning.
If I want cake, I will taste it but I won’t finish the whole slice, because sometimes you’re just after the taste.
Number seven do not think of the few months ahead instead just do it day by day
Number eight
I know that’s a scary point for me because once I start feeling deprived
I might binge again so I let myself have it, then I’m able to lose slowly
Number nine try to avoid fried foods instead go for grilled or steamed
Number ten use stevia instead of sugar
According to stevia.com the stevia plant is a small shrub that has been used as a sweetener for hundreds of years
The stevia leaf extract is a highly potent natural sweetener that can be anywhere from two hundred to three hundred
fifty times sweeter than sugar
This alternative to sugar is known to have zero calories
So these are the ten very useful and effective steps that Sharon followed as her guide to losing weight
But overall this is what Sharon wants to point out. The whole point of it is
you won’t lose weight or
you can’t maintain it unless you really control your
eating and once I accepted that it’s really a lifestyle change
one of Sharon’s
Followers on Instagram posted this comment and Sharon’s reply somehow sums up her 10 step guide on how to lose weight
Last February 12 Sharon posted an inspiring message on her Facebook page wherein she looked back to January
2016 when this was how she looked
Then she made a vow to herself
She said I would not stop until I looked in the mirror and saw the real me
again because these first two pictures never were and
Then she posted four more photos of her this time
They were taken just this year which was two years after she started changing her lifestyle and eating habits
Sharon said she was doing this first for herself
secondly she said she wants to live a long healthy life for and with her children and future grandchildren and
Lastly, she is also doing it for her fans because they deserve the best version of their idol
Do you think Sharon’s ten step guide will work for you are they too hard, or are they doable
Write your comments below if you have a weight loss story to share then go ahead and write that as well
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  1. Do you think Ms Sharon Cuneta's 10-step guide will work for you? Are they too hard or are they doable? Write your comments below. If you have a weight-loss story to share, go ahead and write that as well.

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  2. Mula ata ng bata ako isa lang lagi ko naririnig na problema ni sharon ay ang weight nya. Bigla syang tataba tapos papayat tapos tataba ulit.

  3. "Where there is a will, there is a way"
    Here are others:
    Kashi cereals with soy or nonfat milk after 6p or when you get hungry midnight.
    Replace one meal with a protein drink.
    Take a stool softener daily. Like pitted plums.
    Once in a while when you get tempted to binge, lol, take a laxative after. Lol minsanan Lang to, para di bumaba Ang Potassium level!
    The secret is how often you metabolize everytime you eat or how many times you poopie. Lol. Yung iba, nasa gut pa rin nila yung kinain nila the other day or week. Could you imagine what disease they can get on top of fermentation that cause air build up increasing your bulge? Believe it or not if you can poop after every big or main meal would be ideal or at least when you wake up or before you sleep. Don't you notice, you lose lbs after pooping? Lol.
    Detoxing is another thing. Detox your liver and kidney. They are major processors. If you could do this daily then you can eat anything again of course with moderation. Do not get to the level that you need to burp. Just enough to make you not hungry. Lol
    I struggle too at 57y. Pero if there is a will, there is a way.
    Before I moved to USA, I was 86 to 88 lbs
    My first year, blew up to 139 lbs. I look at the mirror and felt sad. I need to regain my respect for myself. I did Kashi diet for less than a month, I got down to 110
    Then it won't go down further, I heard of magic bullet blender so I did my own protein drink. 75% green vegetable, 15%fruit, 10%cashew or almonds. After a month, I went down to 95. By the way, I am only 5ft less. I love it but got back to a healthier 110 para may safe allowance in case I get sick then need those extras. Now am back to 120. Oh no, so, take it one day at a time. Remember menopause cause slower metabolism so more difficult to lose weight. So key is moderation. I still eat, pandesal, steamed white rice besides viands pero controlled. My sugar level is maintained at 80's. Hope you have your own kits at home.
    Now stress is another culprit. Kahit konti Ang kain, stress builds up sugar. Kaya learn Tai chi or women's self defense, martial arts. It's a great way to build happy endorphins, stress buster, confidence and lose weight. Do it with family and you will sustain it. Get a private teacher if need to at home.
    Do not aspire to be toothpicks though. Some plump is healthy. Keep healthy allowances.
    God bless your health and aspirations for your love ones!

  4. drink green tea and exercise every day.wag kumain ng tinapay at noodles araw araw.mataas calories nito.wag damihan ng kanin.

  5. Tae, nag pa Lypo or bypass ka! sharon! Me pa tips tips ka pa nalalaman! Si Sheryl Cruz ang totoong pumayat dhil sa holahoop!

  6. Nice.. ganyan din ginagawa ng amo ko nag papayat din.. heheh mas maganda na katawan mo ngayun maam sharon.. keep it up, god bless you po.

  7. First of all kung mang babash lang po kayo sakanya Pwedeng pwede po kayo lumipat sa ibang video and second SINABI PO BA SAINYO na nag pa lypo sya? May proweba po ba kayo???kasi kung pursigido kapo gagawa at gagawa kapo talaga ng paraan at ayun po ang ginawa nya and third OH COME ON GROW UP PEOPLE Wag po natin pahirapan ang mga sarili natin Para lang mang bash ng ibang tao at manira Ng iba at fourth Pano nyo nasabi na di sya pumayat?Ang laki po ng pinag bago nya and para po sakin mataba o mapayat Sya parin ang nag iisang Mega Star Sharon Cuneta at nagiisang Greatest singer for me
    Ps:kung mag rereply kapo dto sa comment ko paki sigurado pong May proweba wag po tayo pabibo good vibes lang po

  8. bakit Kaya paurong na magsalita si ate Sharon parang sinadyang pa cute but honesty mataba ka pa rin talaga ang lalaki pa ng mga baso at mukha Pati binti

  9. Good job Sharon..for many yrs. na realise mo rin how to discipline yourself. Pag gusto mo may PARAAN.

  10. Sharon as I've seen you from the past years till now your body seems in YOYO DIETING..there are times you became super taba..there's times you slimmed down to few kilos & back to fat again. My point here is that I guess I simply couldn't follow your method since I haven't seen a REAL SLIM you permanently ! Me myself trying a once a day 8 hours eating habit with mostly grilled or barbecued meat & fish along with brown rice & bread with lots of vegetable salads & fruits…& so far for quite a few years now I maintained my 120 lbs of 5'4 height bpdy frame…and from time to time I do eat pasta 8n different versions of cooking but I like most with Bachamel Sauce with ground meat cooked in oven! Anyway I wish you continue to be in your healthy diet. Thanks & Goodluck ! @(°●°)@

  11. Sus, kelan pa ba to,,eh Ang taba nnaman nya … Dapat gawin nya yung mga ginagawa ni juday…matakaw talaga siguro cya Kaya mataba

  12. Effective yon kainin mo gusto mo kainin pero kaunti lang 2 table spoon, at kakain ka lang pag gutom, effective sa akin ! 4 to 5 hours interval, 30 minutes to 1 hour walking ,pag nag dadiet wag ka na ng mag gym , kasi kaunti lang kina kain mo, tama na walking 30 minutes at kaunti lang kain!

  13. The best way to diet is to eat all no in between meals.drink water(get rid of cold…lukewsrm) after 30 to 1hr after. 5 hrs eat your lunch in such a way feel busog no eating aftet 6.if you feel like eating drink wster thsts whst your starving means…drink!
    Include in your diet vegetsbles and fruits and know the combination.
    I stop all my mentenance…hblood and diabetes all natural and still alive snd kicking…thats simple.breathing excercise….the best!
    Just two meals a day….its great!

  14. Mahirap talaga mag diet marami kasing masarap na pag kain at minsan yung stress dinadaan sa pagkain at aminin nakakatamad mag exercise

  15. Sharon is my idol! I will try my best! Tanong ko lang she wants to lose wt for herself, her children and future grandchildren….where is kiko? Not for him? And bakit c gabby yung kasama sa picture?? Pls enlighten me

  16. Makasalita ang tao dito sa comments akala nila madali lang magpapayat, body shaming pero di naman kagandahan mga katawan nila mismo. Lets just appreciate ang effort ni sharon, yes mataba pa siya pero di na pareha kataba sa dati. I myself am fat and I am struggling to lose weight pero kinaya naman, discipline lang at maintenance.

  17. Nag pa liposuction na si showie eh .., kaya Lang nabalik nataba ulit pag Di na maintain ang healthy eating lifestyle

  18. may edad nman na sya ilan taon na ba sya palagay ko nasa mag 54 na sya..kapag kasi nagkakaedad tayo kumukonti na ang nakakain natin..kaya syempre papayat ka ..

  19. Eat you like but moderation, and don’t eat at night yan ang lakas nag pa sexy, lalo na kapag akyat panaug ka sa house mo, at doing cleaning your house, ayy I’m 42 years old but god my husband he can’t resist of me.

  20. Mas effective pa din ang Dr. Eric Berg's Keto and Intermittent Fasting. She's still fat. Pero at least she tried a certain diet. Dapat OMAD (One Meal A Day) siya instead of eating often…her body won't use the fats if she doesn't do intermittent fasting. She needs real autophagy intermittent fasting. She needs to stop depending on Nutrifab or yung Garcinia Cambogia fruit niya coz it contains sugar. Makinig siya faithfully and intently lang kay Dr. Eric Berg and she won't go wrong. Ako din heavy user ako dati ng diet coffee and diet pills pero mali pala iyon coz it increases your metabolism which is totally wrong…kaya kain ka nang kain in the end. Dapat bagalan ang metabolism by doing fasting. She can use apple cider vinegar to curb her cravings. Mali ang nag-aadvise sa kanya ng diet kasi kinailangan pa niyang magpa-lipo.

  21. Cut only empty carbs po but not completely kc not all carbs created equal merong mga carbs na healthy din po!!! Goodluck madam Sharon lab you.

  22. i have feeling that she had biatric sleeves like mariah carey just saying ….mahirap ng pumayat if your that big kahit pa mag diet ka biatric sleeves is the best to do it

  23. Simple lng.kung ayaw ninyo sa knya.wag ninyo panourin.have some manners.yes sharonain ako.but i respect others actresses and actors.coz i dont had i right to talk bad to them.

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