10 Best DIM SUM Restaurants in Los Angeles

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Hey everyone, this is Steve from rock star eater. And in this episode, I’m gonna be talking about the ten best dim
sum restaurants in Los Angeles
It’s no secret that dim sum has been becoming a very popular food, especially in the last 10 to 15 years in Southern
California and Los Angeles has some of the best Chinese food that you can have outside of China
There’s so many dim sum restaurants opening everywhere that some of us don’t really know which exact restaurant to go to
Whether you live in Los Angeles
Or whether you’re a tourist traveling to Los Angeles in Southern California and me being Chinese
I’m a very big fan of Chinese food. I’ve been around too a lot of Chinese restaurants
so I want to help you to be able to find some really really good dim sum restaurants that you can enjoy that’s tasty and
Authentic and just everything that you can come to love about dim sum in Chinese cooking
So I’m gonna help you out by telling you. What are the top ten best dim sum
Restaurants that you can eat at now. These aren’t the only ten because there’s actually a lot more than these are good as well
but hopefully these are ten that you can go ahead and get started with and if you stick with these ten, then you will be
Satisfied so let’s go ahead with number ten
NBC Seafood. Now this restaurant has nothing to do with NBC Studios
They don’t own this restaurant, but this restaurant definitely has world-class dim sum
It’s a very traditional restaurant very big
You see these carts that go around
Everywhere in the rooms so that you can order your dim sum off of these carts and the prices here are very reasonable as well
This restaurant has been around for quite a long time in the San Gabriel area
And this is one of my favorite restaurants to go to so I would recommend that if you are near this restaurant
Give it a shot
number nine
Capital seafood this restaurant has three locations
But we’re going to be talking about the Monterey Park location
Which is the most popular one sure the parking there is bad and the line are really long
But this place has some really great tasty authentic dim sum for a reasonable price its traditional
It’s like I said, it’s very good food and you’ll walk away from there. Really really satisfied. It is in Monterey Park
It is a great restaurant
So if you are in this area
Give the dim sum a shot. And you must try there almond souffle a really awesome dessert on top of all the other
Traditional popular dim sum choices that you can get at this place
Number eight now dim sum restaurant. This one is interesting because this is the only one on this list
That’s not in that whole San Gabriel Monterey Park area rather
It’s in the West LA, West Hollywood area in a very predominantly white or Caucasian neighborhood
Whatever you want to call it and your thinking
Is the food there any good? I mean isn’t it supposed to be like Americanized Chinese food
Well, actually the answer is for the most part
No, because I’ve been to this restaurant and their food. Let me tell you it is authentic
It is something like what you would taste if you were to go out go to like San Gabriel or Monterey Park and alhambra
It’s really top quality dim sum restaurant and more of this
contemporary modern type of setting that you would see like around that West LA Beverly Hills area
So if you are in this neighborhood and you see this restaurant don’t pass by it because this is actually one of the top
dim sum restaurants in Los Angeles
number seven Atlantic seafood restaurant
This restaurant is another one of the top dim sum restaurants in the alhambra area
That’s actually in a shopping center upstairs and it’s a really big restaurant. You’ll see carts going everywhere with all these awesome dim
sum selections like har gow and shu mai which you should definitely
Order and it’s also very reasonably priced as well. Very traditional
So if you see this restaurant while you’re walking down the street or in the shopping center
Then go ahead and give it a shot because it is a very safe bet
number six Triple Eight seafood restaurant
This is also another one of the outstanding dim sum restaurants that you can eat in the city
It’s a huge restaurant like all the other dim sum restaurants
I’ve been talking about and it’s a really great place that you can hold like one of those like
Wedding receptions for like an Asian wedding or something
It just kind of has that feel all around but it’s just not sights the food there is definitely very good
So go ahead and give it a shot
Try their ginger tripe, which is one of the highlights of this restaurant and whatever you order there
I mean you can’t go wrong. This is like traditional dim sum at it’s very best
number five China red restaurant
This is one of the most popular dim sum restaurants in Arcadia, and it’s one of my favorites
I’ve been there quite a few times already
it’s a very busy restaurant so you could probably wait for like thirty minutes to an hour and they are a little bit on the
Pricey side because it’s a little bit more of an upscale dim sum restaurant
But it is a very satisfying meal and I personally think it’s worth it. They have a great shumai
They have great chicken feet and they have these purple yam
desserts like these balls that are just so
So good that you just cannot miss out on it because this is something that they don’t really serve in too many dim sum
Restaurants, so if you see this restaurant in Arcadia, you are in good hands number four King Hua restaurant
This is also another restaurant. That’s really popular in the alhambra area
it’s a very old-school traditional dim sum restaurant but has garnered a really good reputation amongst the Chinese people in the
Community they have some really authentic food. I mean everything there all around is very tasty
So if you see this restaurant then this is also another one that you can bet on is a very good restaurant in Alhambra
Number three, Lunasia restaurant, this is one of the critical darlings of Los Angeles
They have two locations one in Pasadena and one around the San Gabriel area and it’s one of the absolute best dim
sum restaurants in Los Angeles
It is a little bit pricey I admit but it’s a really really wonderful restaurant. The decor is really nice
It’s a really good place to have dim sum and to hang out and especially if you are in the Pasadena area
Then this is the best dim sum that you will get in that area. Number two elite dim sum restaurant
This is one of the most popular dim sum restaurants in Monterey Park, and it’s one of my favorites as well
This restaurant is very busy. I mean they have a really long line
So you should get there in time if you plan to eat at this place
But it is very worth. It its outstanding
There’s a reason why a lot of people including critics love this restaurant
if you are in Monterey Park, then this place is a place that you must try if you love dim sum and
finally number one Sea Harbor restaurant
This restaurant is in the area of Rosemead and is really another one of the critical darlings of all dim sum restaurants in Los Angeles
I’ve been there a couple of times one time I had to wait 90 minutes in line because they get so packed there
But this place has been very popular with a lot of the locals around there a lot of tourists as well
I mean even celebrities have eaten at this restaurant as well since it has a very well-known
Cantonese chef
So if you are in the neighborhood of roast meat and you happen to come by this place
Then really give this place a shot, you know
It was so hard for me to really narrow this down to ten because I could have easily included like 15 on this list
But you know, I just had to give up some of the ones that I really liked as well
But anyways, if you go to any of these 10 places, then you are in good hands you will love the food
I mean, this is like world-class dim sum that matches the dim sum that you can eat in Hong Kong
That’s how good dim sum is in Los Angeles
I hope this helps you in your search for some awesome dim sum restaurant if you are in LA or you’re traveling to LA from
Singapore or Germany or Mexico or wherever the country you’re coming from?
You’re gonna be in really really good hands
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Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode of the 10 best dim sum restaurants in Los Angeles
My name is Steve from rock star eater and I will see you next time

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