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One Chilli Garlic Noodles, one Chicken Salt and Pepper…
…and one Honey Chilli Potatoes!
Please give the slip there!
Yes, 10 minutes!
10 minutes!
The staff looks handsome!
Oh, you’re here!
I have a question for you!
Printing, paper, compass, every kind of alcohol ever…
…what is common amongst them?
All these are from China!
Our neighboring country has given us so much but the most important thing for me is…
…Chinese food!
And the Chinese food that you get in India is completely different!
Which is why today we are here at Hawkers in Vasant Kunj…
…and we are serving their Chinese food!
Let’s have some coffee!
The food will take time!
Coffee? Coffee? Coffee? Coffee?
Bro, please make 4 coffees!
Oh, Mr.Vipin! Hi!
Oh, hi!
How are you, sir?
How are you doing?
Good! How come you are here?
I came here to eat something from Hawkers! What are you doing?
I was here for a shoot too so I thought why not have some coffee!
I thought the same! When we are on shoots, we always have coffee!
Yes, it takes time for the food to cook!
So, tell me what do you think about Chinese cuisine?
I feel that we don’t get authentic Chinese food much in Delhi!
The best part about Chinese cuisine is its taste, flavors and the colors…
…they are awesome!
It is very colorful!
Yes, because they use all kinds of herbs and the taste is a little…
…sweet and sour and the best thing, it is spicy!
A little!
Basically, Chinese food came to India a long time back!
China’s Hakka clan in 1900s came to east Asia…
…after the Opium War to make rails and roads for the Britishers!
Britishers always wanted us to make food for them!
The most easiest task for immigrants is to cook!
Which is why our Indian taste got a blend of Chinese!
What do you like the most in Chinese food?
I like Hakka noodles! It is plain and the taste is very subtle!
Then, in gravy items I like Chilly Chicken!
I love it because there is a slight sweetness and the spices are amazing!
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Anyway, sir!
Yes, sir! Please continue your shoot! I’ll leave now!
Yes, yes!
I got a little late! I’ll leave too!
Okay! We’ll meet soon!
It was a pleasure talking to Mr.Vipin but now let’s go behind the scenes…
…and find out how this place functions!
Hello, Mr. Ranjeet!
Hi Shashank! How are you?
I am doing well!
So, this is Mr. Ranjeet who is the manager here at Hawkers!
How did this place start?
See, the Hawkers Chef Cart or the van, the food truck, was started in 1976!
It has been close to around 40 years right now!
40 years?!
It has been 40 years!
I never knew it was that old!
I used to come here sometimes with my friends!
But I never knew it was started in 1976!
We mentioned on the board actually!
Yes, yes!
It is mentioned that it’s established in 1976!
Yes, because for a food van, your food is quite hygienic!
It is not like I am eating here today and I will get sick tomorrow!
I won’t have an upset stomach tomorrow which is great!
It’s like I have always come here with that sort of assurance…
…that if I eat here, I won’t fall sick!
You get so many orders! There is a lot of rush in the evening!
Now that Swiggy and everything has come in, do you think that your walk-in customers…
…have decreased and there is an increase in delivery customers?
Things are changing right now! So, you have a lot of food apps!
So, these platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, we have our own website also!
Oh! I didn’t know that!
It’s called hawkersonline.co.in!
We have our phone lines which are open from 12 pm to 10:45 pm in the night!
So, we get more orders through Zomato, Swiggy, through our website…
…and people ring in also! So, it is actually…
It’s even!
Yes, it is even!
Right now, the food that we get in Delhi mostly…
…the Asian food is a mix of everything!
But, do you think if you served authentic Chinese food…
…it would have worked?
See, the taste will be different! So, if you have to get the actual Chinese food over here…
…people won’t like it because it is different!
So, the Chinese food that gets served in India is a customized Indian version!
You have a typical different kind of spices added to it!
So, people would like to have the customized Indian version…
…and not the actual Chinese!
People have got so used to desi Chinese that if you now introduce…
…the authentic Chinese, it might not work!
See, what people come over here is to have momos!
There are a few items that they won’t have actually!
They come here only for momos!
Chilli Chicken!
Potatoes! Which is there! People want to come to have…
…I want to have potatoes, I want to have spring roll, momos!
So, whatever is in the menu people love it actually!
That’s great!
Anyway, what do you like the most? Desi Chinese or the authentic Chinese?
Tell us in the comments!
Anyway, it was lovely having a conversation with you! Thank you so much!
Thank you!
Now, we are going to actually move on to taste this food…
…desi Chinese food! Let’s see how it tastes!
So, our food is here and we also have our commenter of the week!
Hi! How are you? All the way from Kolkata, Mr. Yamin Haider!
How are you?
I am good! It feels so good to be here with Shashank whom I have been…
…following since months now! I am sharing a screen with him today!
Okay, leave my hand now!
Shall we go and eat now? Are you ready?
Yes, definitely!
Come, pick this up!
I will get this!
I will tell you what all is here!
This is the Chicken Salt and Pepper
This is the Chilli Garlic Noodles!
And this is Honey Chilli Potato!
Bengali’s favorite potato!
Oh! By the way, this one is all the way from Kolkata!
He has come here to talk to us! So, what do you do otherwise?
I am a student right now! I am pursuing my Masters from University of Calcutta!
I am here in Delhi for some work for a month!
And, luckily I became the commentor of the week so I was very grateful!
Anyway, let’s dig in! So, what do you want to start of with first?
I will start off with the potatoes because it is the Bengali favorite!
I am missing my home!
Oh my God! How long have you been here in Delhi?
It’s been a month!
I like the Salt and Pepper Chicken!
The thing about food trucks is that they actually feel raw!
It doesn’t feel like you are going to a restaurant and you are…
…having a refined experience!
You feel like whatever is being cooked is being cooked in front of you!
Which is why street food is so much more satisfying than…
…the upscale restaurants!
Food cart, food vans look refined and nice! They are pleasant looking…
…so, I enjoy being here!
What is your Bengali opinion of the potato?
It is quite crispy!
We mostly have potato with rice in Bengal!
We don’t usually have starters but the Chinese culture of Calcutta…
…it is very rich!
I know that there are a few places in Kolkata…
…Kolkata also is the pioneer China Town of India!
Do you know where it is? I know!
How is the food different from here? Delhi’s desi Chinese?
Basically, the Chinese food which we have here, it’s very Indianized!
We can’t eat the original Chinese food because it is very bland!
Yes, right!
It is very bland!
But, in our Indian taste, we require spices in everything!
So, more or less it is the same! It’s just that we Bengalis, we like to have…
…our food a little sweet!
A little sweetness is required!
We need sweetness!
What do you think about this noodle? Chilli Garlic Noodles?
It is good! It has a very rich flavor of garlic!
The taste of the burnt garlic is very good!
So, yes this is a good one but, I love my potatoes!
You love potatoes!
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Which is your favorite series?
I’ll be really honest! My favorite is Served!
Second coming the Challenge! Rohit and Abhishek, they do a very fantastic job!
They do a very good job!
In your show, first we get a very good history class!
So, many of us who are very weak in history, we get a good history class!
And then, you are a true foodie!
You give a full description of the food before eating…
…that the food is this or that!
Yes, yes!
So, as a viewer, we understand the taste without having the food!
So, that is my favorite part about Served!
But anyway, what is your favorite Served episode?
Mine is the Ghalib Kebab Corner!
He left a comment on the Ghalib Kebab Corner video and…
…I still remember that comment! I read it and I loved it!
Actually, I am going to read it out to you guys right now!
I will just go quickly on YouTube and I am going to read it out…
…because I genuinely thought it was really a beautiful comment!
“I am a simple guy! I see Shashank and I like the video! But today’s video touched my heart…
…fell in love with Delhi!” This is amazing!
Shake hands with me!
Very good!
I liked the Honey Chilli Potatoes!
I liked the Salt and Pepper Chicken also but not as much!
Chowmein is good too! It reminds me of my childhood!
If there is any question that you have for the EatTreat team, now is the time on camera!
When are you guys coming to Kolkata?
When are we coming to Kolkata? Look…
…look! These are the questions!
I have been telling them that I want to go to Kolkata!
Please come!
But, we don’t have subscribers!
Please subscribe to their channel!
See, now other people are also saying! Please do!
They have to cover all the cuisines of India, so please subscribe them!
Thank you very much!
Anyway, now that we have eaten, we will finish this entire thing and then…
…I will meet you on the other side with a rating and some very interesting information!
Thank you!
Now that we have finished all the food, it is time for the rating!
I genuinely enjoyed my time at Hawkers! It refreshed my old memories!
The food was absolutely delicious and I had a great time…
…which is why I am going to give it a solid 3.5 out of 5!
It’s a great place! You have to come here and eat!
Come here to relish the taste of Chinese food!
If you visit, the price for two will range between Rs.300-400…
…which is so cheap!
It is so cheap! You guys have to come here!
Anyway, today’s trivia question is…
…what is the name of the community who came from China to India…
…because of which we have Indo-Chinese cuisine?
Tell me in the comments! Rewind the video and tell me!
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Till then, I am Shashank and you have been Served!

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