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Namaskaram (Hello) I’m Yogi Nitya Today we’ll discuss some tips to balance ‘Vata Dosha’ (air imbalance), so that your air element gets balanced. For this, I’ll give you 5 tips. So that your body’s air element, I’m not talking about your stomach’s air only, but for your whole body, the air element will get balanced. You may or may not know, so let me tell you, that our body has three types of imbalances, according to Ayurveda. ‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’, ‘Kapha’ ‘Vata’ means air element ‘Pitta’ means fire element (body heat) And ‘Kapha’ means water element (Lubrication & moisture). If we talk about the vehicles or any other machinery, then all these 3 elements required to run those. It must have fuel for the fire. It must have proper air pressure. And the machinery also has water to prevent it from overheating. So, the machinery runs with these three things. If any of these things become less or more then the machine stops. Similarly, in our human body, all these ‘Vata, Pitta, Kapha’ (Air, fire & water element) are present. There are different ways to keep all three balanced. But perhaps you don’t know or you might be aware that behind the imbalance of all these three elements, the main role is of the air element only. Means the air element increases the water element If the air element increases, it increases the fire element also. So, I’ll tell you in detail today that how can you balance your air element. See, I’ll explain in detail, so if you feel that I annoy you, because many people write in comments, “You drag your explanation a lot.” Definitely, I do because I explain in such a manner so that the person doesn’t go with any doubt. He understands everything very well. He gets complete knowledge about life.
That’s what I try to do. If you have less time, then you can do something else also, leaving this. So, I was talking about the air element imbalance. It’s very easy to balance the air element. Though, mostly this is found imbalanced in most of the cases. Because you may say, “I’m not able to understand whether this video is useful for me or not.” So, let me tell you that air imbalance means if you have some pain anywhere in your body without being injured. So, if you have pain anywhere other than injury, then it cannot happen without the imbalance of the air element. This is the first thing. It means this video is useful for all those who have pain anywhere in their body. Secondly, whoever has an excessive dry body, this also means that they have an imbalance of air element. So, this is useful for them also. If somebody is feeling the imbalance of all three elements air, fire & water and they are not able to understand what to do. So, when they start to balance their air element, In most of the cases, the fire & water elements will start balancing on their own. And this is so easy to do that from a child to an aged person, anyone can do it, that too without disturbing your daily routine. I mean that you don’t need to make any changes in your daily life or leave your work. No, it is not so. You can go to any famous Ayurvedic centre and get the ‘panchkarma’ (Ayurvedic therapy) done or any other therapy. Whatever benefits you’ll get there, this is also a compact package of 5 tips, if you do this, it’s like doing ‘Panchkarma’ therapy at home only. You are treating yourself at home only. So, firstly let me tell you the symptoms of air element imbalance. Many times earlier also I told you. Due to the air element imbalance, the body becomes dry, it starts having pains. Even if you don’t have pains, you must have noticed in many people that their hands and legs keep trembling. This is also a symptom of air element imbalance. If you forget things too soon, this is also a symptom of Air imbalance. And all types of mental disorders like depression, anxiety, stress or OCD or if somebody gets any type of panic attack. These all are the symptoms of air imbalance only. So, we need to cure air imbalance. On the other side, in ladies, if periods are irregular, this is also a symptom of air imbalance. Many times there is a lot of pain during periods; this is also an air imbalance symptom. If your knees have pain due to arthritis, and many other problems like this are due to air imbalance. It is very broadly spread. So, you can start curing all these problems if you’ll follow these 5 tips. What are these 5 tips? I’ll tell you step by step and it should be done by everyone. Firstly, after you wake up in the morning, drink the water the way you do. After this, put around 2 spoons of coconut oil in your mouth along with 2-3 spoons of water. Keep it in your mouth for 10-15 minutes. You might wonder what to do for 10-15 minutes after keeping it in your mouth. You can get up & take a walk or you can prepare for bathing or arrange clothes. So, keep it in your mouth for 10 minutes. If you want, you can massage your body during this time because my second tip is this only that you need to massage your body. So, the 1st tip was that you need to keep oil in your mouth. In Ayurveda, this is called ‘Gandush’ (Oil pulling). It’s of various types i.e. by using different herbs; not only coconut oil. We get it done with different medicated Ayurvedic oils also. For different problems & imbalances, special types of oils are used. We will discuss it in detail later. For now, just take 2 spoons of coconut oil & keep it in your mouth for 15 minutes. Spit it after that. So, this was the first tip. The second tip, I’m repeating again, is to massage your body along with oil pulling. This will save your time.
Massage is very important to balance the air element. Many people say, “I have followed all the diet suggested by you for air imbalance.” “I keep all the abstinence.” “Even then the gas formation doesn’t stop or I always feel pain somewhere or the other in my body.” In such a situation, these 5 tips will help you a lot. So, Massaging is very important. ‘Mardhanam Gunvardhanam’
(Sanskrit Verse about massaging) Massage your body thoroughly; your body will start responding to it. Gas will not be able to stay in your body if you massage. If you can’t massage daily then at least for 3-4 days massage with oil. If someday you are in a hurry and can’t massage with oil then just dry rub your whole body like you rub to heat it up. Rub it in circular motions like this, in upward movements & neck towards the downward direction. It means, we need to direct the blood circulation towards our heart. Massage legs also upward, towards your heart. Massage your back & stomach in circular motions. So, this is the second tip that you need to follow. For the 3rd tip, after massaging & spitting the oil filled in mouth, you can clean your teeth by brushing them or without brush just by using tooth powder or maybe both. This is not the tip, but it’s a process step that I’m mentioning. The third tip is ‘Nasya’, which means putting some fluid in your nose to lubricate the body. For air imbalance, I prefer Cow’s ghee (Clarified butter). People complain a lot that they can’t find Cow’s ‘ghee’. It is easily available in the market. Even if you can’t find a very high-quality product, there are hundreds of companies, which are manufacturing this, buy anyone. At least start taking it. If you can get a medicated one, there are many companies that manufacture it. Search on the internet you’ll definitely get it. So, put 2 drops of cow’s clarified butter each in both the nostrils. This way the third step got completed. After this, do some breathing exercises & yoga practice or whatever your schedule is. If you want to do ‘Jal neti’ (Nasal cleansing yoga) before putting clarified butter in your nose then it’s your choice. But out of the 5 tips that I am discussing, the third one was ‘Nasya’. For the fourth tip, after taking a bath, first of all, apply mustard oil inside the nostrils. Then apply some mustard oil inside the naval. Also, apply some oil inside the anus. If some oil is left, then massage lightly on the sole of your feet. This way you have lubricated your body from outside. Just by doing this much, your air element will start balancing however old it is. Many times, no medicine works on joint pains or any other pain. In such cases, if these things are done along with medicines then the medicines will benefit faster. So, these were the 4 tips. 5th & last tip for today is that before sleeping at night, drink either cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk, whichever is available to you. In that milk, add 1 spoon of cow’s ghee (clarified butter). I’ll not suggest more because you may be afraid of whether it will get digested or not. But believe me, it gets digested. If you go to renowned ‘Panchakarma’ centers, there firstly they make you drink raw clarified butter. Then only the other processes are started. They lubricate your body from inside so that they can remove the body toxins effectively. Don’t think that it will increase cholesterol or blood pressure or harm the body in any other way. It’s very safe to drink 1 spoon of cow’s clarified butter with milk at night. The only precaution is that when clarified butter is added in anything, do not add honey in the same quantity. I would say don’t add it at all because you won’t be able to measure the quantity and clarified butter & honey in equal quantity is a poison. So, either add rock sugar or normal sugar or drink it without sweetening it, but add cow’s clarified butter for sure. You can also add ‘Badam Rogan’ (Sweet Almond oil) but it is hot in nature so it won’t be that beneficial for air imbalance. It’s useful in water imbalance. So, it’s enough to take the cow’s clarified butter. If you follow these 5 tips, your air element will balance. Those, who are troubled with the excess gas formation or stomach ache and body pain & stiffness like cervical or back pain, Try following these 5 tips suggested by me & do it life long. Don’t think that I’ll try it for a week then I’ll see whether I need to continue or not. No doubt you’ll be cured as your body will get balanced but these are the imbalances (air, fire & water elements) and not the diseases. You need to keep them balanced according to the environment you are living in. So, please add these 5 tips in your daily routine. This is my request to you. Half of your problems will be solved by this only. People come to me from very distant places spending so much money and then I find that they don’t have any problem as such. They just have their air element imbalanced. So, balance the air element in this manner. Rest, you already know about diet that for air imbalance what is to be taken more and what should be avoided Just take care to eat in the limit. Nothing is prohibited just be in limit. and Yoga & breathing exercises are must to do for everyone without any doubt. I’ll keep giving you similar information from time to time. If you have any suggestion or if you have any problem then please ask in the comments below. Time to time I read those comments and make new videos based on these. That’s all for today. Namaskaram (Goodbye) A rich-minded poor person gets richer gradually, While a poor-minded rich person becomes poor one day.


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