दसैँ बिशेस नेपाली खाना || The Ultimate Nepalese Food Recipe || Dashain Special Food in Nepal

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Welcome to my channel
today, I am presenting to the recipe of typical Nepalese food
first of all, I will start with lentil soup also called as Daal
I have taken one cup of black lentil
add turmeric powder
add salt too
add little bit of asafoetida and 1 bay leaf
add 2 cups water
add 1 tsp ghee or butter
close the lid
I have kept the rice to cook
now I will prepare chicken curry
add mustard oil in a pan
add cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and bay leaf
add onion and fry till it turn into golden color
add chicken too
mix it
add turmeric powder
cover and cook for 5 minutes
after 5 minutes it looks like this
next add crushed ginger and garlic
add chopped tomato too
add cumin and coriander powder
garam masala
salt as per the taste
add chili powder and mix it well
cover this and cook for another 2 minutes
chicken is ready
add fresh coriander leaves
again, I have added oil in a pan
I will cook cauliflower in this
add methi seeds
add onion and saute for 30 seconds
now add potato
add turmeric powder and salt
fry this
add cauliflower too
mix everything
cover and cook for 2 minutes
after 2 minutes saute again
then add cumin and coriander powder
chili powder
crushed ginger and garlic
mix it well
again cook for 1 minute
cauliflower and potatoes are ready
garnish with coriander leaves
now daal also cooked
it became really good
now I am gonna temper the daal with jimbu
I have added the ghee in a pan
add jimbu too
now temper the daal
now daal is ready
next I am gonna fry bitter gourd
add panchforan
add bitter gourd
add turmeric powder
add salt and green chilies
let it cook
add cumin and coriander powder
bitter gourd also ready
now I will cook mustard leaves
add little bit mustard oil in a pan
I added panchforan and dried chili too
add turmeric powder too
mix everything
let it cook
add salt and crushed ginger
mix and let it cook for 1 minute
mustard leaves also ready
now I will make cucumber and potatoes pickle
I have chopped cucumber
add boiled potatoes too
add sesame seeds powder
add lemon juice
next add oil in a pan
add fenugreek seeds and turmeric powder
add green chilies too
temper the pickle with hot oil
I have already added salt and chili powder
give it a good mix
our pickle is ready now garnish with coriander leaves
rice is also cooked
all the food are ready now
I have served this with radish pickle, tomato chutney and gundruk ko achar
I have shared the recipes in a description box
hope you guys liked the recipe
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  1. Wau… Dherai man paryo.. Utai aayera khau jasto po. Feel bhayo ta.. धन्यवाद yo recipe share ko. Lagi.

  2. Thanks a lot sis iam so happy अब मैले पनि खाना बनाउन जाने sis hajur lai दुख दिन चाहान्छु सिस अर्को recipi मा हिमाली पहाडी खाना set सिस्नु धिडो तिमुर्को चट्नी सुकुटी आदि को recipi लिएर आउनु है सिस अन्ते मा हजुर लाई धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद have a good

  3. How sweet nepali food thanks a lot sis अर्को recipi ma हिमाली पहाडी खाना सेट सिस्नु धिडो टिममुर को चटनी सुकुटी set आदि recipi लिएर आउनु है अर्को हप्ता म पर्खाइमा हुने छु कहिले आउँछ recipi भनेर रेसिपी बनाउनु हुन्च कि हुदैन reply to me sis अन्तेमा धेरै धेरै धन्नेवाद हजुरलाइ I will waiting for this recipi

  4. यो चिकेन करी बनाउदा एल्लो ग्रेबी र चप ग्रेबी अनि चिकेन चाहिँ पहिला केही दिन अगाडि देखि पकाएर राखेर पकाउदा हुन्छ ? जानकारी पाए अभारी हुने थिए…

  5. यस्तो तरिकाले खाना बनाउनुभयो कि मुख बाट पानी नै आयो। आफुलाइ बनाउन त तेस्तै हो हेरेर नै चित्त बुझ्यो। धन्यबाद।…

  6. हजुरहरुको हौसला र सहयोगको लागि धेरै धेरै धन्येबाद 🙏🙏🙏!!
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  7. I loved this video. The way you explained and edited the video is perfect. Sometimes when I watch other videos I find people talking too much and it just goes on and on and I loose my patience and tend to drift away but you made this very simple and easy to understand. Well done for that!! I'm definitely subscribing to your channel. 👍 👍

  8. Hello chef suni ji i like your all recipes your recipes looking so yummy and delicious and your cooking way is so simple and easy ,god bless you .😊😊😊😊

  9. I respect Nepal …but truth is Nepal has no industries no coal and petroleum no raliways no street lights .. no natural mineral deposits ( ore ) landlocked …no gold and coal mines….no good tourism no hydro projects …nothing ….why god has made Nepal so poor country …..no employment opportunities in own country ….crazy for running to abroad…..Nepal economy runs by remittance from abroad …..so sad 😥😥Nepal govt. Cannot afford for two times of meals to its citizens

  10. Namaskar daju bhai didi baini haru mero pani cooking ko channel chha yeso gayera hernu hos ra man parema subscribed gari dinuholani 🙏

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