झटपट नाश्ता रेसिपी – Besan Rava Toast Recipe In Marathi – Quick Breakfast Recipe – Archana

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Namaste! Welcome to
Ruchkar Mejwani with Archana.
We always have bread butter, bread jam…
Sometimes we make omelette out of gram flour
and have it by stuffing in between breads.
So today lets do something new, that is
Besan Rava (Gram flour, semolina) Toast.
First let’s make the cover that
will be needed for Besan Rava.
Let’s take 1 cup of gram flour.
1/2 cup of semolina.
Use normal semolina.
Some coriander leaves.
Salt as per your taste.
And mixed masala, the stored spice mix that
is available at your home, 1 tablespoon.
First let’s mix all of this.
If you add ginger garlic paste to it,
it will taste good too.
Add a little water at a time
and make it’s batter.
Not much thick nor runny.
That should be the consistency.
A little runny consistency than
that we do for batata vada.
Remove all the lumps from it.
And mix it nicely, like this.
It’s mixed nicely,
now let’s turn on the flame.
And pour some oil on to the pan.
Spread the oil everywhere.
Here we have taken 4 bread slices
and we have cut it into half.
Dip that into the batter.
Do it one at a time.
Pour some oil on sides but we have
already added much oil into the pan.
Now let’s flip this.
It becomes nice and crisp.
We have to cook it from the
both sides nicely in shallow fry.
As it is gram flour and
it should get cooked nicely.
Let it get nice red colour.
Now it’s done, it has
become red from both the sides.
Now let’s remove this.
And similarly cook the other slices.
It has become nice and crunchy
from both the sides.
Now let’s remove this.
Remove this and turn off the flame.
So our all the toasts are ready.
Piping hot Besan Rava Toast are ready.
It is quick and easy.
As we have the needed ingredients at home.
So do try this and let me know.
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