ऐसे बनाये दूध से मावा या खोया | How to Make Mawa or Khoya at Home From Milk | Homemade Khoya or Mawa

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mawa or khoya is obtained by reducing milk until the water in the milk dries up and only the milk solids remain. mawa, therefore, is the solid portion of the milk in this recipe, we will prepare mawa from milk. mawa can be prepared with milk powder, fresh cream, and condensed milk as well for making mawa full fat or full cream milk is needed and we have taken one and a half liters of milk always use a heavy bottomed kadahi/wok or pan for this purpose. you can also use a non-stick utensil keep the milk on high heat and let the milk come to a boil. no need to stir the milk until it comes to a boil the milk has come to a boil. reduce heat to low-medium and keep stir the milk well now on, keep stirring the milk at 1-minute intervals to prevent the milk from getting scorched as it thickens also, keep scraping the cream off the sides of the wok and stir it into the milk we need to reduce the milk until all its water dries up and only the milk solids remain as we progress in the process of making mawa we will offer useful tips to help you get a good quality mawa keep adjusting the heat as needed when stirring the milk ensure that you scrape the bottom of the wok each time as the milk can get scorched at the bottom very easily also, ensure a healthy running boil so that the milk can be reduced in the least amount of time its been about 30 minutes and the milk has reduced by about half keep stirring the milk constantly now and reduce the heat a little after 1 hour the milk has become quite thick and has reduced by about 75%. keep the heat on low now keep stirring continuously until it reduces further and keep scraping the cream off the sides more frequently though the making of mawa is a very easy process it needs a lot of patience and this is the time you need it we just need to keep stirring the milk and wait for it to reduce until all its water dries up as you can observe the milk has turned very thick and creamy khoya or mawa is a little further away. keep stirring the milk has turned extremely thick and creamy now. ensure it can have your full attention as it can get scorched if left unstirred even for a few seconds as it can get scorched if left unstirred even for a few seconds and all your efforts will go in vain and in just a few moments from now the mawa will be ready at last the mawa or khoya is ready. it will thicken further once it cools down. when you reach this stage put off the heat and transfer to a bowl the mawa took about an hour and 15 minutes to form allow the mawa to cool down completely once you transfer it to a bowl here is our homemade fresh mawa. though you can buy it from the market and save all the effort it is nowhere in freshness and purity to the homemade one 1 and 1/2 liter milk has yielded about 300 grams of mawa (320 grams to be exact) on an average from one liter of milk you can expect about 200 grams of mawa do try making mawa at home and share your feedback you can use mawa to make a number of Indian sweets and savory curry dishes if you like the recipe please share our video and subscribe to our channel. thanks for watching

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