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Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi
Let’s see how to make amboli today. For making amboli, I have taken 2 cups rice. You can use any rice.
I am using surati kolam tandul. You can use basamati tukada or any other rice. Take 1 cup urad dal.
And 1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds. Take rice into a bowl. Wash rice really good for 3-4 times.
Take urad dal into another bowl. Wash dal too really good 3-4 times.
I have washed rice and dal well and soaked them in enough water. Add fenugreek seeds in urad dal.
Soak it for 6 hours. For making amboli, I have soaked rice and dal in water for 8 hours.
For grinding take half of the rice first in blender pot. Mostly we will have to make in 2 batches.
And take half of the soaked urad dal in same blender pot. Close the lid and blend in blender really good.
Blend it fine. I have blended amboli batter in mixer. You can see the consistency. Blend it a little fine.
We blend idly batter a little coarse. Don’t make like idly batter. Blend it fine as dosa or uttpa batter.
Cover and keep it over night for fermenting. I mostly keep it in warm place like oven.
If you don’t have oven, keep it in warm palce. Or wrap a clean blanket around batter pot.
We have to ferment this over night or for at least 10-12 hours. I had kept amboli batter for fermentation over night.
It is fermentating for about 12 hours. You can see. After blending in mixer, it was just 1/2 of this pot.
It is nicely fermented. Add salt to taste and mix well. Do not stir much. Mix carefully.
Let’s make amboli. Heat up a pan and add a little oil. Wipe it with tissue. Add amboli batter at the centre of pan.
And spread it a little. Cover and cook on medium heat for about 3-4 minutes. Cooked amboli covered for about 2 minutes.
Remove the lid.. Wow.. You can see. It is nice and fluffy. It has got nice net too. Spread a little oil from sides.
Cook for another minute. Flip over and take it out into a dish. Amboli is nice soft and nated.
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  1. Madhura ur all recipes r really very nice and easy to make l follow all ur recipes keep sending teasty dishes

  2. HI मधुरा ताई, मी पेण ची आहे, आंबोली प्रकार हा आमच्या कडे पुवीँ हळदीला सकाळी येणाऱ्या पाहुण्यांना गरमा गरम चहा सोबत दिले जायचे तेही ,उकळी मधे कुटलेलय पीठाचे

  3. madhura tai mazyakade methi dane nahit dusra kahi takay jamat asel tar sanga🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. दही पोहे ची रेसिपी यु ट्यूब वर अपलोड करा plzzzzzzzz

  5. Am boli is nothing but karnataka dosa recipe basically ingredients are ubar their channa dhal for different amboli these deals are used leaving one or other dhal then methi seed is a softener and makes the amboli soft and rasto the process of making batter and fermenting same for cosas but in karnataka the side dish is coconut chutney onion chutney and aloo bhaji just like ambad bhaji of maharashtra made from fresh greens same called mudd paLya in karnatak with same masala aam ka shri karan same name same shri khand same pooran police same but called holige in kannada all masala bhaths same and called bhatt in kannada also

  6. Hii mam ekdam chan….! pan fenugreek seeds taklya mule te kadu nay lagnar??
    Ani tyacha taknyacha mage karan kay ahe?

  7. बीडा चा तवा आहे पण तत्याचावर येत नाही तरी काय करावे ते सांगा ,माझा नं 8108015872या नंबर वर ,,,

  8. मधुरा आंबोलीची रेसिपी पाहिली जरा वेळ लागतो प्रोसिजर ला पण छान आहे विशेष म्हणजे तू ती सोप्या पद्धतीने दाखवतेस म्हणून सोपी वाटतें

  9. Chan aahat tumhi khup chan chan resepi dakhvta ani tyamdhlya kahi resepi me banun pn pahilya ani tya saglyana khup awdlya. Thanks madhu taai ashyach chan chan resepi dakhvat ja aamhala awdel.

  10. Tai tumche sgle vdo khupch Chan astat… Yala Kon KY mhnta Amboli k dosha te KY mhntvach ny.. but your all recipe are superbbb…

  11. Dhanyawad tai . I will make this .I'm a huge fan of your cooking .every time I make ur kanda pohe its a hit . thanku once again . ganpati Deva khoobh suchchi tumcha pradhan kare.

  12. Madhura taitumhi ji ambolichi rycipi banun dakhvli ti khupch chan hoti tumhala khup khup dhnyvad ani thanku very much

  13. डाळ आणि तांदूळ यांचे प्रमाण सारखे घेतले आहे का ,,,?

  14. ह्यामध्ये पीठ फुगणतासाठी खाण्याचा सोडा नाही का घालायचा?

  15. मधूरा तुझी रेसीपी लगेच कळून येते. फारच छान. बोलण्याची पद्धत ही मस्तच…..👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

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