Китайська кухня в Гуанчжоу. (Chinese food in Guangzhou)

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We are in a Chinese restaurant now
We are going to have dinner
I found Ukrainian borshch on the menu
I’m gonna order borshch
it costs 10 RMB (=1.3 USD)
I’m just curious what it takes like out here in China
I’m gonna tell you guys what it takes like right after I get my order
and I’m also gonna compare the taste of borshch made in Ukraine and the taste of borshch made in China
We are having dinner now
We ordered a lot of food
Let’s go over what we have here. We got fried rice with vegetables
I’ve no idea what that is
Here we have some meat
duck meat
and that’s a kind of vegetable
Here’s some liquid
but most importantly we are gonna try Ukrainian borshch in China
You know this borshch tastes around the same
The only difference is that there’s no sour cream in this borshch
anyway Chinese are good at cooking borshch
Let’s try once again
Here’s the thing. This borshch is a little spicy
in Ukraine people cook borshch without any spicy flavor
but anyway it tastes pretty good
That’s pig leg
I’m gonna try that
It doesn’t look good at all
but anyway I’m gonna try that
I can’t even grab it with chop sticks
It’s cold
and it doesn’t really taste good. Don’t try it guys
It’s not really good
I wouldn’t recommend trying that, only if you are curious you can try that
I don’t like that, I wouldn’t eat that
Let’s move back to borshch
Chinese leave out potatoes, meat and sour cream and it’s a bit thick
They add carrot, tomatoes. It takes a little bit different but anyway it’s similar to Ukrainian borshch
We are about to finish dinner
but before we leave I wanna tell you something more about Chinese.
Chinese order more than they can handle.
There’s a lot of food left now
After they are done eating some of them just leave all the food
and some of them ask boxes to takes food out
In Chinese restaurants
you can ask for plastic boxes like that
and take the food home
There are no many people to do that, but I’m gonna do it
because I don’t like to waste the food
Dinner was free for me. Chinese people pay for food when they invite you to dinner
That’s it guys.
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